Square One North Expansion

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Curtain wall entrance and exterior storefronts

C.U.P.E. Re-clad

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New curtain wall windows to 4 storey building
New “bird friendly” glazing to existing curtain wall

Custom Chalet

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Design Build in Town of Blue Mountains

Triple glazed unitized curtain wall, skylights, balustrades, oversized doors

UP Express – Union Pearson Express – Metrolinx

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Custom glazing for new UP Express passenger platform (Union Station)

Printed laminated low iron glass



AVIVA Office Building

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12 storey office building

Unitized curtain wall glazed with several glass and spandrel types

Rosedale House

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Date:  December 2009
Location:  Toronto, ON
Architect:  Superkul Architect

  • Unique custom design by Superkul Architect.
  • Oversized lift and slide patio doors
  • Large windows with low E glass
  • Custom glass balustrade
  • Photos courtesy Superkul

Century Gardens Rec Centre

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Date:  February 2008
Location:  Brampton
Architect:  Giffels
Owner:  City of Brampton

Renovation and addition to recreation centre designed by Giffels and built by PCL

Downtown Mini

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Location:  Toronto, ON
Architect:  RAW Design
Owner:  BMW

Mini Dealership designed by RAW Design.

Kawneer 1600 System I painted black Duranar and glazed with clear sealed units

Point supported 12mm clear glass wall show windows with glass fins and spider fittings


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North East Elevation

North East Elevation

Date:  January 2005
Location:  Bristel Circle, Oakville, ON
Owner:  OMRON

  • Triple glazed high performance curtain wall and strip windows
  • Blue reflective triple sealed units


Intergral House

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Location:  Toronto
Architect:  Shim-Sutcliffe Architects

  • Five level new custom home designed by Shim-Sutcliffe Architects built by Eisner Murray
  • Custom segmented curtain wall windows
  • Custom laminated acid etched glazing facade (imported from Spain) at front elevation

Burlington Waterfront Building

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Date:  December 2006
Location:  Burlington, Ontario
Architect:  Baird Sampson Architects
Owner:  City of Burlington

  • Waterfront activity building and adjoining restaurant designed by Baird Sampson Architects
  • Four sided SSG silicone glazed curtain wall.
  • Custom oversized doors.

Glen Edyth Custom Home

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Date:  January 2009
Location:  Toronto, ON
Architect:  Scott Morris Architects Inc.

Custom Home Renovation / Addition designed

by Scott Morris Architects Inc.- built by Coheze Developments

  • Complete window replacement
  • Third floor curtain wall addition
  • East side curtain wall addition
  • Guest suite curtain wall addition

Sheridan College SCAET

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Date:  September 2000
Location:  Trafalgar Road Campus, Oakville, ON
Architect:  B & H Architects
Owner:  Sheridan College Oakville Campus

  • Three storey addition to College designed by B&H Architects
  • KAWNEER 1600 Series SSG Curtain wall
  • Mix of gray and green tinted low E sealed units

Sherway Nissan

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Date:  September 2010
Location:  Toronto, ON

Nissan Dealership

1600 classic curtain wall in clear anodized finish with clear sealed units

7045 Beckett

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Date:  October 2004
Location:  7045 Beckett Drive, Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Orlando Corporation
Owner:  Orlando Corporation

  • Flex space warehouse
  • Unitized curtain wall clear anodize finish with green reflective glass

Watersedge Custom Home

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Date:  November 2008
Location:  Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Christopher Simmons Architects

  • Custom Home in Mississauga on Lake Ontario designed by Christopher Simmons Architect and built by Rossini Homes
  • Custom curtain wall glazed with bronze tinted Low E sealed units
  • Lift and Slide large oversized sliding doors

Agincourt Public Library

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Date:  September 1990
Location:  Kennedy and 401, Toronto, ON

  • Three storey building
  • KAWNEER 1600 curtain wall, 518 / 526 Series windows
  • Kalwall Skylights. Clear Sealed Units.

Crate & Barrel

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Date:  December 2010
Location:  Mississauga, ON

New retail store built by Graycor

Plumbers Union Hall

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Date:  August 1991
Location:  Warden Ave., Toronto, ON
Architect:  Wayne Barret Architects
Owner:  Plumbers Union

Two storey office and training centre

KAWNEER 1600 Series SSG Curtain wall

Custom shear wall panels

Bronze Reflective sealed units

Custom Home Doulton Drive

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Date:  July 2003
Location:  Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Rossini Homes

Custom home built by Rossini Homes.

  • Custom Kawneer 1600 curtain wall
  • Fulton custom 1200 series windows and 2000 series vents / casements
  • Blue tinted Low E sealed units

Aurora Town Hall

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Date:  August 1991
Location:  Bloomington Side Rd. Aurora, ON
Owner:  Town of Aurora

  • Two storey Civic Centre/ Office building
  • KAWNEER 1600 Series curtain wall
  • Green tinted sealed units

Heartland Commercial Centre

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Date:  September 2006
Location:  Mavis Rd. and Britannia Rd. Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Orlando Corporation
Owner:  Orlando Corporation

Retail “big box” stores including Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Golf Town, Bombay, 2001 Video to name a few

Commercial centre on four corners of intersection

Delta Park Industrial Building

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Date: December 1991
Location: 123 Delta Park Dr. Brampton, ON
Owner: Aquicon Construction

  • Two storey industrial building
  • Kawneer 1600 SSGG curtain wall
  • AFGD Blue Reflective sealed units

St. Francis Xavier Secondary School

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Date:  August 1993
Location:  Bristol Road, Mississauga, ON
Owner:  Dufferin-Peel R.C. School Board

  • Three storey Secondary school
  • KAWNEER 1600 Series curtain wall
  • KAWNEER 518 Series windows,  KAWNEER 2000 Series Skylight
  • Clear sealed units

AMC 30PLEX Theater

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Date:  November 2000
Location:  Hwy 400 & 7 Interchange
Architect:  Robbie Young & Wright Architects
Owner:  AMC Theaters

  • Two storey movie theater
  • Curtain wall framing
  • Blue tinted sealed units
  • Laminated glass canopy

775 Britannia Retail

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Date:  June 2004
Location:  Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Orlando
Owner:  Orlando

  • Storefront KAWNEER1602 series curtainwall and 190 doors

Concord Adex Presentation Center

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Date:  March 1998
Location:  Spadina Ave (next to Sky Dome)
Owner:  Concord Adex

  • Two storey office building/ sales centre
  • 1600 Series KAWNEER SSG Curtain Wall
  • Clear Low E Sealed Units

7995 Winston Churchill

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7995 Winston Churchiill Rendering

Unitized curtain wall glazed with several glass and spandrel types

Target Canada Multiple Stores

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Target Canada

Various storefronts for new Target stores throughout Southern Ontario:

  • Mississauga Square One
  • Mississauga Sheridan Mall
  • Toronto Centrepoint Mall
  • Toronto East York Square
  • Guelph Stone Road Mall
  • Fergus Tower Street
  • Cambridge Centre
  • Milton Mall
  • Markham Hillcrest Mall
  • Brampton Shoppers World
  • Brampton Trinity Square
  • Bramalea City Centre
  • Ancaster Meadowlands Power Centre
  • Niagara Morrison Street
  • Welland Seaway Mall
  • North Bay Algonquin
  • Ottawa Orleans

Fengate L.I.U.N.A.

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Date: January 2010
Location: Oakville, ON
Architect: Daniel Cusimano Architect
Owner: LIUNA

7 Storey office building – built by Ellis Don

Pre-glazed (unitized) curtain wall complete with Cardinal high performance triple silver

Low E sealed units and spandrel glass

7th floor balustrade glass with stainless steel support posts

Old George Custom Home

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Custom curtain wall with exterior applied aluminum fins

Large “lift and slide” sliding doors

Maple Leaf Culinary Centre

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Date:  December 2008
Location:  Meadowvale Business Park – Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Adamson & Associates
Owner:  Bentall

New five storey office building – designed by Adamson & Associates – built by Ellis Don

Pre-glazed (unitized) curtain wall

LEED Silver


Trillium Office Building

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Date:  March 2007
Location:  Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON
Architect:  Perkins Eastman Black Architects Inc.
Owner:  Trillium

  • New 7 storey administration office building at Trillium Health Centre Mississauga Hospital site
  • Designed by Perkins Eastman Black Architects Inc.- built by Ellis Don
  • Pre-glazed (unitized) SSG curtain wall
  • Forest green tinted vision glass and white spandrel “shadow box”
  • All glass pedestrian bridge 12mm clear glass on stand-offs.

LEED Silver

King Liberty Office Building

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Date:  January 2005
Location:  85 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, ON
Architect:  IBI Group

  • 4 storey office building designed by IBI Architects and built by Buttcon Construction
  • unitized window wall

Toronto BMW

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Date:  September 2003
Location:  11 Sunlight Park Road, Toronto, ON
Architect:  Quadrangle Architects
Owner:  BMW Canada

  • 6 storey BMW showroom designed by Quadrangle Architects and built by Bird Construction
  • unitized curtain wall
  • custom ground floor high span curtain wall, feature windows all glass low iron crystal clear 12mm glass and fins
  • spider wall 12mm clear glass with 19mm fins.

Mississauga Central Library

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Mississauga Central Library

Mississauga Central Library

Complete replacement of glass in existing skylight

New caps and flashings

Durham Region Administrative Facility

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Date:  December 2003
Location:  605 Rossland Rd. E., Whitby, ON
Architect:  Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects
Owner:  Durham Region

  • 5 storey office building designed by Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects and built by Ellis Don
  • Curtain wall windows with high performance low E sealed units

Gennum Office Building

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Date:  December 2002
Location:  Harvester Road, Burlington, ON
Architect:  Norr Architects
Owner:  Gennum Corporation

  • Four storey office building
  • FULWALL unitized (pre-glazed) Curtain wall
  • Blue Tinted Sealed Units and custom colour spandrel glass

Reimer Millenium Tower

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Date:  January 2001
Location:  5500 North Service Road Burlington, ON
Owner:  RK Reimer Developments

  • Eleven storey office building
  • 7500 Series KAWNEER High Performance Unitized (pre-glazed) Curtain wall
  • AFGD Silver Reflective Triple Glazed High Performance sealed units

Alcatel Office Building

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Date:  January 2000
Location:  Ormount Drive
Architect:  Orlando
Owner:  Orlando Corporation

  • Three storey office building
  • Alumicor 900 series windows
  • Alumicor 2500 series curtain wall
  • Grey tinted sealed units

Burlington Office Complex

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Date:  December 1997
Location:  North Service Road, Burlington, ON
Owner:  RK Reimer Developments

Three storey office building

KAWNEER 7500 Series High Performance (pre-glazed) Curtain wall

AFGD Silver Reflective Triple Glazed High Performance Sealed Units

Minto Urban Communities

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Date:  December 2002
Location:  2239 Yonge St., Toronto, ON
Architect:  Young & Wright Architects
Owner:  Minto

  • Five Storey Office Building and Sales Center
  • FULWALL custom curtain wall
  • Custom stainless steel panels and caps
  • Blue tinted glass sealed units curved corner features

Chamberlain Office Building

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Date:  December 2002
Location:  Burlington, Ontario
Architect:  Chamberlain
Owner:  Chamberlain

  • Two storey office building pre-glazed curtain wall grey reflective glass

Hydro Mississauga (Enersource)

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Date:  June 1990
Location:  3240 Mavis Road, Mississauga, ON
Owner:  Hydro Mississauga

  • Three storey office building addition
  • KAWNEER 1600 Series Curtain wall
  • Bronze Reflective Eclipse Sealed Units


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Date:  March 1990
Location:  19 Greenbelt Dr. Toronto, ON
Architect:  The Austin Company
Owner:  Ortho-Jennsen

  • Two storey office addition
  • KAWNEER 1600 Series SSG curtain wall
  • 1600 Series Skylight
  • Custom All Glass doors, 450 Series Interior Office Partitions
  • Grey tinted sealed units, custom colour spandrel glass


Erindale Centre

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Date:  1983 – 1985
Location:  Central Parkway and Burnhamthorpe Rd., Mississauga, ON
Owner:  Kaneff Properties

  • Two Office Buildings
  • One six storey, one four storey
  • KAWNEER 1600 Series Curtain Wall
  • KAWNEER 516 Series strip windows
  • Bronze Eclipse reflective sealed units